Lush Sod Install

Our premium net free sod rolls out nice giving you a Lush carpet in no time.  The advantage of Sod over seed or Hydro-seed is obvious – It’s ready now! 🙂  You will pay for that privilege but it’s a cost that many find well worth it – especially compared to the maintenance requirements of trying to establish grass from seed.  We’ve laid sod in spaces as few as a hundred square feet to larger areas encompassing thousands. April and September are ideal times to get a new lawn planted.  As Lush as our Sod comes, it MUST be planted on 4-6 inches of premium compost rich super soil.  If you’re not paying over $40/yard for your soil, you are putting your new lawn and investment at risk.  We’ve replaced dozens of lawns less than 2 years old because of poor soil so unless you’re willing to invest in good soil, don’t even bother planting a new lawn.  As great as Sod is, lawns planted from seed can often grow  just as Lush!  Book your new lawn install today!


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