Natural Fertilizer


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What is a natural lawn fertilizer?  Grass clippings?  Dog pee?  Beer?  Remarkably, all those things actually work but won’t be part of our program any time soon 🙂  A natural fertilizer is any food source for your lawn derived from an animal or plant based source.  To differentiate, the conventional and wildly popular chemical fertilizers (think Scotts) is any synthetically made food source for your lawn derived from the lab. Created to green up your lawn faster than it takes me to type this sentence, people douse their lawns in this stuff early and often completely ignorant of the negative side effects.  No, these fertilizers are unlikely to cause cancer but by bypassing the natural processes in your soil, they can, over time, make your lawn infertile, opening it up to all kinds of pests and diseases.  Namely moss and weeds. Skeptical? Don’t apply your beloved Scotts this spring and see how your lawn reacts.  It’ll remind you of your husband before his morning cup of coffee or you before yours.  


Once your lawn has acquired the taste of chemicals, it won’t want anything else and will take time to break the addiction.  The good news is, once you break the cycle of addiction, you’ll find your lawn will grow lusher and be much more resilient during times of stress – namely after a drought.  We use a combination of soy and corn fertilizers combining them with the Island’s best super soil.  Our lawns are so happy and well fed if you listen closely, you may even hear them burp!  Talk to us today about how to feed your lawn…as nature intended.