Fruit Tree Pruning



If you have a fruit tree (apple, plum, cherry, peach,) now is the time of year to have us come by. If your fruit trees have been neglected they’ll need a renovation – typically a 3 year process. Removing dead, diseased and damaged wood on a tree is crucial in maintaining it’s health. Dead branches are prone to rotting and need to be removed as they can be an entry point for disease.  We began renovating the apple tree (above) last winter and will be continuing the renovation this winter.  By next year, there will be apples galore!!

After the dead or damaged wood on the tree has been removed, future pruning will increase fruit yield, fruit size, maintain tree size, or make the shape of the tree more visually appealing. Pruning will also increase air flow and light penetration in the tree. This is essential to keeping your tree healthy and minimizes the risk of disease development, as well as helping with fruit production. Regular pruning is also crucial in maintaining the size of your tree so the fruit is more accessible. Dormant winter pruning is done late winter to early spring Feb/March and summer pruning can be done in July/August. The worst times of the year to prune fruit trees are spring, or when the tree is in bloom, and fall.

If you would like a professional to prune your tree properly, we’d love to talk with you!

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