Every spring and fall John cleans up fairly nicely, does what’s left of his hair and travels up and down the Island to share his passion and knowledge for Natural Lawn Care! Each lawn seminar is full of fun, practical, easy to apply tips right now, and will fill you with the confidence that you can do it…or…you now know someone who can 🙂  John also conducts business/ motivational seminars where he inspires people to take a chance on doing something they love!

“John has spoken at our customer information seminars on lawn care since 2010. His enthusiasm for creating healthy and environmentally friendly lawns in an understandable way has never wavered. With grass often covering 50% of a garden, this is an important component of the landscape. We appreciate being able to draw on John’s experience to manage this in an environmentally sustainable way.”

Bernie Dinter, Dinter Nursery


Business/Motivational Seminars

With nearly 10 years of rich experience growing a successful lawn and garden care business on Vancouver Island, John is always willing to share his experiences with people both young and old! John started Lush with no prior experience in business or landscaping so his stories range from his hilarious fails to the courageous risks he took in order to grow Lush into the company it is today. Lush has 10 employees, serves 3 Island locations and has won several business awards including best Green business! John was also recently named a Top 20 Under 40 for all of Vancouver Island.  John has spoken effectively for decades to crowds of hundreds and to smaller groups of 6 – motivating them to take a chance on doing something they love! Take the Leap and Book John today to speak at your chamber, organization, networking group, business or school! You’ll be glad you did!



John also co-hosts the popular Island podcast, Obstacle Course, where he interviews guests and discusses the challenges we all face on the road to success and fulfillment.


“John’s presentation was authentic, funny and contained many valuable reflections about founding and growing a business. He has a 6th sense about connecting with his listeners and is always spot on with framing his content, answers and interactions.  Attendees left with interesting and profound ideas to ponder and apply to their businesses.”

Elizabeth Croft, Duncan Chamber of Commerce

“I have attended several sessions that John has facilitated and I am always impressed. John has that great combination of educator and entertainer. John’s sessions leave me inspired to keep leaping, and his support through the process has been the difference maker. Thank you John!” – Maeve McGuire

“We had John as a Keynote speaker at our organization’s All-Island Entrepreneurial Summit. He helped promote the event and him and I went live together on CFAX radio. John Close is an absolute team player. John was entertaining, inspiring, and effective. He made us laugh, he made us cry, and he made us want to get out of our comfort zones. I wish I could take ice cold showers like John.” Alec Drury, Head of Marketing for All Island Entrepreneur Summit

“Thank you for building this community John!!! It has always been a pleasure to go through your presentations, two now And each time I leave feeling very uplifted and reminded at how valuable our journey is in relation to where we are at in life!!! Congratulations on taking your own personal huge mega leap and I could not imagine a stronger, more compassionate and more driven person to lead this community and be there to help all of the future Leapers!!! If you are looking to leap – or don’t even know whether you should be leaping or not – John Close and this community is the person and place to be!!!” Philip Bisset-Covaneiro, Director of Your Entrepreneur Society



If you would like to have John present at your Nursery, School or Organization, please contact him at  He’ll probably say yes!

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