Once the soil is slung in, there is still LOTS of work to be done!

It's important to rake the new lawn smooth and level. Don't want big dips developing months later.


“Nothing is premium at $20/yard.”


Every year we get hundreds of phone calls and emails from panicked, frustrated, disillusioned people wondering, “What happened to my lawn?!?!”

Their story is always the same. “When my lawn was first planted it grew like gangbusters and even looked very lush but last year after the drought it just died and all that grew back was all these moss and weeds…I tried everything they plead….I fertilized, put on lots of lime, watered when I wasn’t supposed to and ok I just once used that bad stuff to kill the weeds…but my lawn still died!!!!”

We sympathize with them at this point because their heart is in the right place. They’re nice people who want a nice lawn and they’ve worked hard to get it. Unfortunately, all the well meaning will power in the world will never grow a lush lawn if there isn’t enough good soil. And upon inspection, there never is. Virtually every one of these lawns have a few inches of terrible soil or several inches of terrible soil.

“ landscaper said it was premium soil!!” they exclaim. Sigh. Nothing is premium at $20/yard.  The fact is, only a lawn planted in rich, black, sweet smelling soil (see above) will grow lush and stay lush.  We use the Island’s best super-soil for all of our new lawn installs and to keep our existing lawns growing lush all year round -we top dress with the same soil twice a year.  If you’re tired of feeling panicked, frustrated and disillusioned, you know who to call.  We’ll bring the Lush.