Moss and Weed Control

Moss killer is a waste of time and money. Best to remove it ALL to give your new grass remove to breathe!

Moss killers are a waste of time and money and toxic to your soil. Best to remove the moss properly to give your new grass room to breathe and a chance to grow lush again!

As a Children and Pet Friendly Company, your health and the health of your loved ones is our top priority! In our ten year history, we have never used a chemical or pesticide that could even remotely put your health at risk. And we never will. So, how do we do it?  Having tried ecological weed killers and found them to be wanting, we now use our smarts and good ol fashioned elbow grease!  We remove moss with special machines that tear it out by the roots and we remove weeds by the root too!  Does it take longer then spraying Roundup, Killex or _____?  Absolutely.  It always take longer to do things the right away. Removing weeds and moss by the root is not only the less toxic way of doing it, it’s the right way of doing it. It makes little sense to kill a weed on top only to allow the living root to regenerate and even worse to introduce harsh toxins into the soil no matter how small the amount.  At Lush, we’re committed to doing things not only the safe way but the right way! For you, your lawn and ones you love. That is our guarantee!