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Exterior Cleaning Service

For the past 14 years, we’ve been removing moss (and weeds) from clients’ lawns. I imagine we always will. Meanwhile, those same green monsters have grinned down at us from above while “bleeding” down the side of your house.

Gardening team

Cultivating Peace of Mind

There’s a lot of uncertainty in our world. And so much change. Over the past two years, our Island has experienced fires and floods, heat waves and snow storms, economic shutdowns and restrictions and the deadliest pandemic since the middle ages. While our portfolios bleed red, something called Crypto whispers,’ the future favors the bold.’

Landscape lighting

Lush Landscape Lighting

The winter of 2009 was the darkest in Lush history. We had opened our doors months earlier boasting eco friendly lawn care services but quickly experienced the limit to our growth. After residing in the prairies for 32 years, my family and I had decided to head west in search of gold. We were 100…

Holiday lighting

How I Came To See The Light

2020 has been rough. And super dark!  Last month, as the smoke engulfed us and blocked out the sun, it felt even darker. There was a heaviness in the air and we were all feeling the affects. So, I took to social media on one of the darkest days of the year and wrote these…

Trust Me

It’s August 7th, I just turned 44 and it appears summer has finally arrived on Vancouver Island. 2020 is continuing its trend of not following a trend or any plan whatsoever. This lack of norm has become the norm and depending on your perspective, it’s either devastating or long overdue. One thing we can all…

New sod

In Support of Grass Stains

It is May 3, 2020. The world is entering its third month of the worst pandemic in a hundred years. While society idles on and businesses are forced to close their doors, we have seen a sharp increase in the demand for both new and renovated lawns. Gardens too! West Coast Seeds are currently 2…


To Renovate or Replace? That is the Question

While lawn care is a science, it’s not rocket science. 99% of your issues can be solved in 2 ways. See a Therapist or Daily exercise. 🙂 But when faced with lawn issues in particular – moss, weeds, thatch, bumps, lumps, or perhaps you hired too many chumps, you have 2 legitimate options to fix…

Lawn and garden

2021: A Perfect Vision for your Yard

TOTAL Property Care! If there’s one thing we’ve learned after a decade in the landscaping business – it’s this. You prefer us to do everything! 🙂 In the beginning, we weren’t able to deliver everything because it was just John with a lawn mower and an adorable home-made business card. Now that we have 4…

Lawn and garden

Is Your Lawn in Good Shape?

As the 41 year old owner of a busy landscaping company, staying in shape is essential to prevent injury and keep my energy up. Besides the physical grind that comes with landscaping, most weeks I work out at my local gym 3-4 mornings as well as play hockey and jog on the weekends. It’s a…

Lawn and garden

Summer Lawn Care

Today is my kid’s last day of school? How??? Also, Help! haha. Summer is officially here! You’ve probably noticed that lawns don’t love the summer. They turn brown, some almost white, as they try to hang on during the oppressive heat. West Coast lawns are planted with cool season grasses meaning…they prefer cooler temperatures. Under…

We are Chemical-Free!

In business since 2009, Lush was the Cowichan Valley’s first pesticide-free lawn care company. We have been recognized with several green awards including the Duncan Chamber of Commerce's Black Tie award for Green Business of the Year, Vancouver Island’s Green Business of the Year and was named a Top 10 Green Business in BC.

John Close, the owner, has been a finalist for Vancouver Island’s Top 20 Under 40 three times and in 2016, he was named a Top 20 Under 40 for Vancouver Island.