Fall in the Garden

Leaf cleanup and more.

You can’t think about fall without thinking about leaves and most likely dreading raking up the ones all over your lawn.

That’s where we come in, rakes a blazin’, to make sure that your garden remains beautiful and your plants and lawn aren’t suffocating or composting under the deluge of falling leaves.


If we pruned your trees in the Winter, then you may have more fruit than you know what to do with.

Slipping on rotted pears? We’re happy to clean up and take away any spoiled fruit that might be lying around, harming your lawn and keeping those pesky wasps alive.

Fruit Cleanup

Fall is the best time to cut back perennials and ornamental grasses once they have completed their summer show. Fall is the time to cut them down to size.

Summer flowering plants, like Echinacea, Daisies, Lavender and some Heathers can be deadheaded or trimmed and pruned.


Fall and Spring are the best seasons to get plants in the ground so that they have time to root before the cold sets in and to plant bulbs for next Spring’s colour.


Mulching in Fall is a good idea, once the leaves are tidied up, because it gives a bit of colour in the winter garden, provides a nice thick blanket that protects more delicate plants from cold weather and also prevents erosion from the coming rainy season.


Perennials that have taken over your gardens, like Irises and Crocosmia, can now be split up and transplanted elsewhere or taken to the local compost.

We take all fall trimmings, branches, and plants to composting and recycling centres that sterilize it and use it to create soils and mulches that will be used again in our gardens.

Hedging and

Hedging and shaping is ideally done bi-annually, in Fall and Spring. Coniferous hedges and plants, like Laurels, Junipers, Cedars and Cypress are trimmed now, as are many perennial shrubs such as Potentilla, Holly, some Heathers and late-blooming Lavender.


Always weeding...

We are Chemical-Free!

In business since 2009, Lush was the Cowichan Valley’s first pesticide-free lawn care company. We have been recognized with several green awards including the Duncan Chamber of Commerce's Black Tie award for Green Business of the Year, Vancouver Island’s Green Business of the Year and was named a Top 10 Green Business in BC.

John Close, the owner, has been a finalist for Vancouver Island’s Top 20 Under 40 three times and in 2016, he was named a Top 20 Under 40 for Vancouver Island.