Winter in the Garden

Cooler days... and (maybe) snow!

Our gardeners are not afraid of the chilly, winter weather! Trust us to show up, make sure that your trees and plants are properly put to bed, and stay out of harm when the winter storms arrive.

Restoration Pruning

Nothing is more iconic in a west coast garden than Rhodos and the ever present Japanese Maple (just two examples), but sometimes they need a little tough love.

Rhododendrons, for instance, are very tough and winter is a great time to reshape those that have become overgrown and leggy. Maples are also happy to be pruned in late winter when their sap slows down and you can see the branches clearly without any leaves.

Apple, Pear and Nut Trees

Most fruit trees are best pruned in winter during dormancy, in order to cut out dead, diseased and damaged wood as well as control new growth, which does not produce fruit.

Our winter climate on the West Coast is very damp throughout the winter, and can encourage the spread of disease, so we avoid pruning Peaches, Apricots and Nectarines, but Apples, Pears and Hazelnuts, for instance, should be pruned before the end of frost.

Ornamental, Deciduous Trees

Winter is a great time to look at a tree's form and prune to the shape and size you like, as well as prune out any branches that are damaged or problematic, so that you have a beautiful, healthy tree when it leafs out in the Spring.

Coniferous Trees

Leaf clean up and clean up of debris from

Ideally, Coniferous trees such as Fir, Spruce, Pine and Cedar shouldn’t need much pruning unless it is to enhance their natural form, however pruning after snow or winter damage to removing any broken or dangerous branches is a must.

Conifers are generally slow growing, so they’re often planted in smaller spaces than is appropriate, so pruning is very important to keep growth in check.

It’s important to make sure your lawn is clear of all leaves and Winter debris so that it has a chance to become lush again come Springtime.

Winter weather can be tough on our plants and trees; with the wind, rain and snow there’s always something to tidy up and we’re happy to help.


Ah Mulch, a short term smell for long term…well… everything! Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your garden and we promise you won't regret it.

Not only does it make your soil look great going from dry, gray clay or packed, and mucky to dark rich humus, mulching has the added bonus of suppressing small weeds and nourishing the plants in your garden as it breaks down over time.


Winter is the best time to prepare for Spring and consider any changes that you may like to make to your yard and garden. Trust Lush to make your vision a reality!

We are Chemical-Free!

In business since 2009, Lush was the Cowichan Valley’s first pesticide-free lawn care company. We have been recognized with several green awards including the Duncan Chamber of Commerce's Black Tie award for Green Business of the Year, Vancouver Island’s Green Business of the Year and was named a Top 10 Green Business in BC.

John Close, the owner, has been a finalist for Vancouver Island’s Top 20 Under 40 three times and in 2016, he was named a Top 20 Under 40 for Vancouver Island.