Gardening team

Cultivating Peace of Mind

There’s a lot of uncertainty in our world. And so much change.

Over the past two years, our Island has experienced fires and floods, heat waves and snow storms, economic shutdowns and restrictions and the deadliest pandemic since the middle ages. While our portfolios bleed red, something called Crypto whispers,’ the future favors the bold.’

Recently, Lush began its 13th year in business. As I convened with my leadership team, we discussed our own waves of change. Specifically, climate change. Politics aside, our climate has changed. And its effects can be seen most dramatically in your lawns. And emails.

“Last summer, this weird thing appeared in my lawn and now it’s everywhere.”

“My lawn was just sodded last year and now it’s half dead.”

“I’ve given up. I don’t even water anymore.”

“My lawn has never looked this bad.”

In a world of increased restrictions, that which surrounds us mirrors that which is in us. Lawns and its owners have never appeared more stressed.


My company logo is lush grass. The website is lush grass. Our trucks and trailers are covered in lush grass. Hell, our tagline is literally about having lush grass. “Go ahead. Take off your shoes,” we said. ‘I’m good,’ you probably replied.

To be clear, we love lush grass. And we still think a lush eco lawn is among the best parts of any landscape.


Times. They are a changin.

Which is likely what prompted me to say…

“I don’t want Lush to become the Blockbuster of the landscaping industry.”

In other words, while lawns are probably here to stay, we believe their priority in your life and yard has shifted. And a new one has taken its place.It could be said that you have several… growing concerns. And while your lawn is no doubt one of them, what you really want is someone to take care of all of them.

Lawns. Gardens, Hedges. Trees. Hell, even your outdoor lighting. We’re excited to announce that we are that someone. And we’re here for you!

We’ll achieve it through our experience and expertise.

We’ll deliver it through our reliability and hard work.

We will secure it through our love for each other and your plants.

Lawns. Gardens. Lighting.

If it grows, we will take care of it!

If it’s dark, we will bring the light!

We cultivate peace of mind.