Trust Me

It’s August 7th, I just turned 44 and it appears summer has finally arrived on Vancouver Island. 2020 is continuing its trend of not following a trend or any plan whatsoever. This lack of norm has become the norm and depending on your perspective, it’s either devastating or long overdue. One thing we can all…

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2021: A Perfect Vision for your Yard

Lawn and garden

TOTAL Property Care! If there’s one thing we’ve learned after a decade in the landscaping business – it’s this. You prefer us to do everything! 🙂 In the beginning, we weren’t able to deliver everything because it was just John with a lawn mower and an adorable home-made business card. Now that we have 4…

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Why Is It Important To Prune Your Plants?

Rose pruning

Pruning is the physical act of trimming branches, leaves or dead matter from a plant. Typically this is done to make the plant look more attractive or to help keep it healthy. Horticultural experts and landscapers generally agree that pruning is carried out for one (or more) of four different reasons: Training the Plant, Maintaining…

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