Moss truck

Moss Doesn’t Care

Moss Doesn’t Care

Depending on your tolerance level, moss is either lawn that you don’t have to mow, water or fertilize (yippee) OR… the bain of your existence. For most of you living on Vancouver Island it’s probably the latter. It’s the same every spring…the rain slows the sun starts to peak out and the yellow fuzz monster returns on your lawn – again! Why me, you cry! I’m a good person, I pay my taxes, I floss occasionally…

Here’s the thing …Moss doesn’t care if you floss. It simply likes what it likes; shade and waterlogged acidic soils – aka the West Coast. Unless you plan to sacrifice a goat to appease the sun god or cut down all those beautiful trees lining your property, moss is likely to remain a constant pain in your grass. (nice one John). There is hope, but it hinges on the answer to one question, ok 2.

1. Does your moss-covered section of lawn receive more than 4 hours of sunlight a day?

2. Is that same section well drained? i.e. no water pooling

If the answer is no, you need to forget trying to grow lush grass there and instead plant something that wants to grow there (like moss 🙂 or shade loving plants) or forget planting altogether and instead cover the area with gravel, mulch, cedar chips, pavers or another low maintenance alternative.

If the answer is yes, the lawn does have adequate light and good drainage, its time to renovate, and it all starts with a vigorous power raking!