We Fix Lawns

We easily do dozens of lawn consults a week. Sometimes dozens a day. The calls/emails/lawns are always the same. “The moss has never been this bad”  “My lawn always looked decent until last summer’s drought” “My lawn was just put in last year and now look at this mess, it’s embarrassing”. Can you help??? Of course we can. But we start with a story.

Once upon a time somebody took a short cut.  The End.

That somebody is often a professional using economical methods.  Here’s the thing. Although lawn care is a science, it’s not rocket science.  It comes down to one thing.  Soil.  And the soil under your lawn is either good or bad. No amount of moss killer (band-aid), weed killer (toxic band-aid), fertilizer (band-aid) or eco chemical (what is that even) will change that.  The fact is, if your lawns receive adequate light (5+hrs daily) and have good drainage (no pooling) yet they are still full of moss and weeds its because you have terrible soil. The solution to your problem is literally staring you right in the face. Everybody now….”fix the soil.”

This is usually the moment in the consultation when the customer says, “we use to have a guy who’d come around and spray stuff….but it’s obviously not working.”  Ya think? If only we could just spray all life’s problems away.  Of course I don’t say that, I empathize with you, the customer, because how are you supposed to know?  It’s the professional’s job to educate you.  Not sell you a bandaid.

We’ve been educating our customers for 7 years – often losing out on jobs because we only sell a fix.  In fact, we often deter customer’s from doing business with us because we’re not prepared to make a buck off a bandaid. A lot of people want bandaids and a lot of companies are happy to sell them. We are not that company.  We’ve made a good living off fixing lawns. If this interests you, we’d love to talk.