To Renovate or Replace? That is the Question

While lawn care is a science, it's not rocket science. 99% of your issues can be solved in 2 ways.

  1. See a Therapist or
  2. Daily exercise. 🙂

But when faced with lawn issues in particular - moss, weeds, thatch, bumps, lumps, or perhaps you hired too many chumps, you have 2 legitimate options to fix your lawn. Yes, we all love Sponge-Bob band-aids because they're cheap and easy but make no mistake, all Band-aids do is cover up the infection plus they hurt like hell when they're removed.

If you want your lawns fixed, you've come to the right place. And you have 2 options:

  1. Renovate or
  2. Replace.

Both are great options! Choosing which option is best for you often comes down to these important questions.

Can my lawn be reached? Replacing a lawn involves running an excavator machine that is roughly 6-8 feet wide/tall and often much larger. If there's no way for this machine to reach your lawn, replacement is not an option. Answer: Renovate.

Is my lawn overrun with moss and weeds? Most lawns have a bit of both and renovation is ideal for that situation but any lawn with an invasion of moss or weeds is a lawn that doesn't have what it needs to grow healthy. Like internet trolls, weeds and moss are opportunists, feasting on the imperfections of others. Although the sight of either is enough to make you do the angry dance, the real problem is actually invisible.

Lest you blame the gods or your sketchy neighbour, the real reason your lawn is struggling is it has been trying to grow on a few inches of rocky, grainy, sandy fill. Make no mistake. Grass is a plant. Without 6 inches of rich black soil, it will be forever over-run with backyard trolls no matter how much you water, fertilize, curse or fire your landscaper. Answer: Replace if you have access.

Do I have more money or time? If you're tempted to say, um... I don't really have a lot of either? 😉 we hear you! But, this is actually an important question. The process of renovating a lawn can take upwards of a year in order to correct all of the issues and.... you might not have as much patience as you think. If you want your lawn to be lush now, replacing it is the way to go. The cost of replacing is roughly double the cost of renovating, at least upfront, although renovating is often more expensive over time as the inputs required never end. Why don't they end?

When the problem is a lack of good soil, renovating can work around this issue but won't correct the issue. The only way to correct this issue is to take out the bad soil and put it in good soil. A.k.a. Replace. That said, lawn renovations are very effective when done correctly and we've successfully renovated hundreds of lawns over the years - it's just important for you to realize that the real problem is still lurking under the surface and until that is corrected, the work will never officially be done. Make sense? Answer: Money or time. You decide.

Am I committed to follow-up care? If you're willing to invest thousands of dollars to have a healthy lawn (and we think you should 😉 ), it's important that you are also willing and able to continue to invest money and time moving forward. Just because your lawn is finally in good shape doesn't mean it will stay in good shape, especially if you neglect it. Think of your last new year's resolution. Regardless of whether or not you choose to replace or renovate your lawn, you must have the ability to maintain and care for it properly! We offer fantastic worry-free programs that will put your mind at ease.

Well done everyone! You've asked some good questions today. You probably have a good sense of which direction you plan to go in.

In fact, you're probably sending us a text/email right now so you can book your free estimate. Looking forward to meeting you!